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As far back as I can remember I’ve always been into some form of art. Whether it was drawing, painting, or arts and crafts. My first memories of school are of me getting in trouble for drawing in class in grade school. I was always drawing or doodling in my text books. 

When it came time for college I knew right away I was going to art school, there was no other choice. I ended up attending Butera School Of Art & Design. I fell in love with the sign painting aspect of the school. When I graduated school I worked at a sign shop for years. I loved the creativity of making all kinds of signs but it wasn’t enough. I needed something more….

Which brought me to Skin Deep. I had ran into Michael and he invited me to come check out his shop and get something done. Which I did. Over the next few months I was bringing all of my friends and I was drawing most of my friends tattoos for them. Michael finally grabbed me and said I needed to be doing these tattoos myself! So I did everything I needed to to get into Skin Deep. One of the best decisions I ever made. I loved tattooing! And I still do 10 years later. 

Everyone always asks whats your tattoo style? What do you tattoo the best? What do you like tattooing? I love tattooing everything! Its my passion. I love custom drawing stuff for clients when they give you ideas and let my imagination go. But if i was to pick a genre I’d have to say anything cartoony or comicbooky. But I wanna tattoo everyone wether its a big or small tattoo doesn’t matter. Honestly I just wanna give you a bad ass tattoo that you’re gonna love forever!!!

Come by and check us out!!!

Doug “Doughboy” Brogan